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Digital Marketing Expert

CPLUSco Healthcare is looking for digital marketing leader / manager to build and develop the Indonesian team in order to reach the company’s goal of introducing and marketing our products.


  • Good understanding of digital marketing metrics and tools.
  • Knowledge of paid ads and its dashboard (Google Adwords & Facebook Ads).
  • Planning the marketing strategy and executing the projects (promotions, activities, campaigns, etc).
  • Measure, analyze, and report the performance / result of the projects, then consider how to improve.
  • Working cooperatively with team members to execute the projects more efficient.
  • Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies.


  • Min 3 years experience.
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All interested individuals are welcomed to submit the resume  to recruitment@cplusco.au for the position and/or department of interests.
Please kindly provide your contact information and state the position of interest along with your application.